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There have been big things happening in the Dozier’s lives lately. Actually, 4 years ago this month, we announced something similar as our family stepped out in faith to pursue ministry. God called us to Elberton, Georgia. He blessed us with a beautiful home, wonderful neighbors, and a church family. When Covid hit just months after settling in, we felt confused. Our personal expectations weren’t being met and what we had imagined for ministry got put on hold as M.A. and I built the bunkhouse with our own hands. In 2021, we kicked off events and began using the bunkhouse, our property, and the respite room to pour into men, husbands, families, and pastors. We were blown away in 2022 as we hosted more than 20 events. We thought we were exactly where we were supposed to be. But God works in mysterious ways. Well, at least to our finite human minds.

Through a series of events that have unfolded over the past year, it led us up to this point. One thing M.A. and I said from day one of being in our beautiful farmhouse is… well, it actually isn’t ours. It is God’s. We prayed over it often and tried hard to remember that this space was/is His and that we used it to bring Him glory whether it be through Nimrod Outdoors, or building relationships, or providing rest for pastors and missionaries. We thought we would be here for a long time but God had other plans.

M.A.’s family purchased a property in Carnesville, Georgia last August and are building their home there. We planned on eventually moving in that direction to be closer to his family as his dad has Parkinson’s. Although the goal was to still do ministry in our current home until things were ready, God directed us to something different.

We were led to Liberty Baptist Church in Carnesville. There is a pretty amazing God story here that I will try to summarize briefly, but really, all you need to know is God orchestrated every piece of this. Through a mutual friend, Pastor Souderes at Liberty Baptist, was connected with M.A. on a spur-of-the-moment hog hunt through Outdoor for a Dream Foundation. M.A. began to share a bit about Nimrod Outdoors which led to an invite to the church for M.A. to share a bit about Nimrod Outdoors, which really turned into a sermon of men stepping into their role of spiritually leading their families. The support we received from this church was beyond amazing. Not long after this, Pastor Souderes asked M.A. if he would begin praying about stepping into the role as a youth pastor at Liberty. And we did just that. For several weeks/few months, we talked and prayed and really sought the Lord in what direction our family should go. One thing that stood out to us most was that Nimrod Outdoors was not supposed to be replaced by ministry at Liberty Baptist Church but instead come alongside it. Youth ministry is not just for the youth but also an opportunity to pour into parents and men. It is an opportunity to make men disciples in their homes and teach youth how to disciple others before they step out into the world. So, M.A. has accepted the role as youth pastor and in another month or two, we will be relocating our family to be closer to the church there.

Nimrod Outdoors is not done, by any means. Actually, what we see unfolding

in front of us is pretty incredible. We are doing our best to not set expectations or plan out all the next steps but instead prayerfully take each step, pause and seek Him until He says it is time to step again. Although, Nimrod is taking a small respite for now as we transition to the next phase of our life, what we see in the future for our family and the ability to do ministry is beyond what we could have ever dreamed.

We are so appreciative of the prayers and love and support our family has received over these last few years. From our NC friends and family to our Georgia friends and family. Words cannot express how thankful we are for each of you.

Lastly, if there is anything we have learned these past few years, it is this - To be obedient in what God is calling you to, and not get stuck in what He has previously called you to. He puts us in places for reasons we might not ever understand. We spent over a year building the bunkhouse which was used for only a year and a half and to think we didn’t get more out of it can feel disappointing at times. But we used it for exactly what God called us to use it for. It is His and if we only stayed focused on what he had told us to do in the past, we would miss out on the opportunity to step into faith and go where He is calling us to in the present. Our prayer for you is that you are seeking Him and willing to open your hearts to obedience and take those steps wherever He is leading you to go.

I would like to share my experience with Nimrod Outdoors. I have been on several mens retreats with this ministry at their facility. The Dozier family has created an incredible place of opportunity that people can get together and do life, all while focusing on Jesus. They not only share but show how to be a family that focuses on being intentional in everday life as Christ followers and they lead by example. They have been sharing their story and how Jesus changed their life and how they have chosen to put Him first in their own lives.

Nimrod Outdoors is a beautiful place outside of Elberton, Georgia. They hold retreats that include several possible activities like hunting and fishing or just a quiet place to spend with God. I personally have had life-change come from my time spent at one their events. I have seen people experience time with God here who have not had a place or time before.

Nimrod also offers a wonderful respite area for pastors and missionaries to come and spend intentional time to rest and get refreshed so to continue in a heathy calling to Christ. I have learned to care and to minister to others that you must take time to be poured into and to rest and maintain a continual personal relationship with Christ. Nimrod Outdoors and the Dozier

family have done a wonderful job providing a space for it. This ministry, by Gods grace, and the Dozier family's obedience glorifies God, leads people to Christ, and prepares others to walk their journey out each and everyday.

M.A. Dozier has written an easy to read and scripture-filled devotional dedicated to how men were designed and created to be the spritual leaders of the family. Challenging each of us not to fall victim to the world and its cares but to follow God's ways and to truly lead our families through life with a personal relationship and reverence to the Heavenly Father. I would suggest this book to any man, no matter what stage of life you are in.

Nimrod also has a podcast that helps understand God's Word, diving deeper, including the challenges followers face in their lives daily. It gives examples of how we can focus on a Christ -centered life. I am truly thankful for this ministry and highly recommend it to anyone that wants to follow Jesus Christ. It can help anyone grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus.

- Taylor Fowler

I can sum up my experience with Nimrod Outdoors in three words; hospitality/rest, camaraderie, and experience. The first response that comes to mind is Hospitality. Hugs are given freely and food is prepared and offered generously. There is laughter and joy that surrounds this precious family. M.A. and Chelsea and the kids are all part of what makes this ministry so special. The Sanctuary (Respite Room) was a wonderful break from the hectic and loud and as soon as you walk in, you're invited to quiet and rest.

Personally, I also found wonderful Camaraderie with my friend and brother, M.A. I loved our chats around the campfire, especially when we talked about godly masculinity, fatherhood and what does a godly definition of success look like. We loved sharing our God-stories and bragging on all that He has done in our lives! He even invited me to share my own story on their Nimrod Podcast! M.A. has challenged me personally to get out of my comfort zone and try new things. He even taught me to shoot a compound bow successfully. Our first fishing trip he set up for me and my sons, Noah and Joshua, was with Mr. Jerry. Not only did he do a great job and we caught lots of fish, we had an incredible experience- especially for my sons! I look forward to more fishing trips and hopefully being able to have the opportunity to go on one of the Father and Sons hunts- it would be a new experience for me, Noah, and Joshua! My love for this family and Nimrod Outdoors runs deep. I see a tremendous need- deficient discipleship- which translates to confusion around godly fatherhood, husband and manhood- running rampant. This ministry addresses those very things and goes hand in hand with the devotional M.A. wrote, "The Hands of a Warrior", which I also highly recommend and have sent several copies to various friends already. My hope and prayer is that our family has been even a small portion of the love and encouragement we've received from them over the past several months. What an incredible experience it is to be doing exactly what God has designed and called you to do! Thank you Nimrod Outdoors for all you do and who you are! Love, The Baumans

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