Barley Fields


"Let's go off by ourselves to a quiet place and rest awhile." - Mark 6:31

Many pastors and missionaries suffer from empathy fatigue. When constantly providing counsel and support to their community and congregation, dealing with diagnosis, grief, failing marriages, addiction, job loss, poverty, and more, it becomes a heavy, emotional weight that affects their own personal lives, marriage, ability to work, health and their ability to lead their families spiritually. On top of the emotional fatigue, pastors are also consumed by administrative duties, meetings, denominational expectations, staff oversight, and congregational complaints and frustrations. Whether shepherding a church or deeply rooted in the midst of a different culture, people, or religion, it can become draining and exhausting.

Nimrod Outdoors stands on it's mission of equipping men to be spiritual leaders in their home. Although most missionaries and pastors have a good grip on the theology behind being a spiritual leader, it often becomes less of a priority as they have exhausted themselves in the mission field of their church or community.  A pastor or missionary suffering from empathy fatigue will be ineffective and inefficient, struggle with decision-making, and perhaps even avoid responsibilities, which will have an affect on the church or mission field, but also leading his family spiritually.

Through our respite program, we provide a space to rest; a place to retreat, on a beautiful farm house with access to hiking, fishing, boating or canoeing, golfing, hunting and more. Our goal is to refresh husbands and wives in ministry and the mission field so they will be more effective upon returning to work. We have other respite care locations as well. Please contact us for more details.