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I would like to share my experience with Nimrod Outdoors. I have been on several mens retreats with this ministry at their facility. The Dozier family has created an incredible place of opportunity that people can get together and do life, all while focusing on Jesus. They not only share but show how to be a family that focuses on being intentional in everday life as Christ followers and they lead by example. They have been sharing their story and how Jesus changed their life and how they have chosen to put Him first in their own lives.

Nimrod Outdoors is a beautiful place outside of Elberton, Georgia. They hold retreats that include several possible activities like hunting and fishing or just a quiet place to spend with God. I personally have had life-change come from my time spent at one their events. I have seen people experience time with God here who have not had a place or time before.

Nimrod also offers a wonderful respite area for pastors and missionaries to come and spend intentional time to rest and get refreshed so to continue in a heathy calling to Christ. I have learned to care and to minister to others that you must take time to be poured into and to rest and maintain a continual personal relationship with Christ. Nimrod Outdoors and the Dozier

family have done a wonderful job providing a space for it. This ministry, by Gods grace, and the Dozier family's obedience glorifies God, leads people to Christ, and prepares others to walk their journey out each and everyday.

M.A. Dozier has written an easy to read and scripture-filled devotional dedicated to how men were designed and created to be the spritual leaders of the family. Challenging each of us not to fall victim to the world and its cares but to follow God's ways and to truly lead our families through life with a personal relationship and reverence to the Heavenly Father. I would suggest this book to any man, no matter what stage of life you are in.

Nimrod also has a podcast that helps understand God's Word, diving deeper, including the challenges followers face in their lives daily. It gives examples of how we can focus on a Christ -centered life. I am truly thankful for this ministry and highly recommend it to anyone that wants to follow Jesus Christ. It can help anyone grow deeper in their relationship with Jesus.

- Taylor Fowler

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