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I can sum up my experience with Nimrod Outdoors in three words; hospitality/rest, camaraderie, and experience. The first response that comes to mind is Hospitality. Hugs are given freely and food is prepared and offered generously. There is laughter and joy that surrounds this precious family. M.A. and Chelsea and the kids are all part of what makes this ministry so special. The Sanctuary (Respite Room) was a wonderful break from the hectic and loud and as soon as you walk in, you're invited to quiet and rest.

Personally, I also found wonderful Camaraderie with my friend and brother, M.A. I loved our chats around the campfire, especially when we talked about godly masculinity, fatherhood and what does a godly definition of success look like. We loved sharing our God-stories and bragging on all that He has done in our lives! He even invited me to share my own story on their Nimrod Podcast! M.A. has challenged me personally to get out of my comfort zone and try new things. He even taught me to shoot a compound bow successfully. Our first fishing trip he set up for me and my sons, Noah and Joshua, was with Mr. Jerry. Not only did he do a great job and we caught lots of fish, we had an incredible experience- especially for my sons! I look forward to more fishing trips and hopefully being able to have the opportunity to go on one of the Father and Sons hunts- it would be a new experience for me, Noah, and Joshua! My love for this family and Nimrod Outdoors runs deep. I see a tremendous need- deficient discipleship- which translates to confusion around godly fatherhood, husband and manhood- running rampant. This ministry addresses those very things and goes hand in hand with the devotional M.A. wrote, "The Hands of a Warrior", which I also highly recommend and have sent several copies to various friends already. My hope and prayer is that our family has been even a small portion of the love and encouragement we've received from them over the past several months. What an incredible experience it is to be doing exactly what God has designed and called you to do! Thank you Nimrod Outdoors for all you do and who you are! Love, The Baumans

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