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Hunting Event Registration

Do you or your child have food or environmental allergies?
Do you or your child have any underlying health conditions that could affect your ability to participate on this event?
Are you suffering from a medical condition, illness, or injury?

Acknowledgment of Risks

I have made myself and my child familiar with all aspects of the Nimrod Outdoors, Inc ministry and have had ample opportunity to ask questions about Nimrod Outdoors, Inc activities and associated risks. I understand that there are inherent and other risks in most activities and programs including, but not limited to those associated with motor vehicle travel; exposure to the elements of nature, including heat, cold, rain and lightning; physical trauma associated with outdoor recreation and hunting.  I understand that the areas to which I have access include lakes, rocky and rugged, wooded terrain, as well as potentially harmful plants, snakes, and other creatures, all common to north Georgia. I further acknowledge that I have fully disclosed any pre-existing physical or mental challenges. I understand and accept the risks associated with participating in this ministry and will NOT hold Nimrod Outdoors, Inc, its owners, the landowners, the church, the board directors, nor volunteers responsible for physical injury, mental or emotional grievance, or any other liability.

Thanks for submitting!

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